Y12 Preparations for GCSE English & Drama Entry Levels

The Year 12 students at Lansdowne School will be spending most of their English and drama time during the spring term preparing for their GCSE examinations. This is a crucial period for the students. Miss Moorhouse and her staff are working with each student to help them feel confident about their work.

A large part of the exam process will involve the writing of essays. English time in currently being spent looking at essay structures and what is the best way to approach these in an exam situation. The students are also being given guidance to help keep them calm during the exam period.

We are still finding some time for our Friday fun drama sessions though! Many of the activities are used to help build upon the bonding of the class members. Games are played that rely upon teamwork to be successful.

A recent example was the challenge to work with your team mates to use our bodies to create letters of the alphabet. Some very creative movements were on show!

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