Year 9 New Year Maths Focus on Number Multiples

Maths work for the Year 9 students at the start of the spring term has focussed on counting in different multiples. The students have a wide range of abilities. Miss V makes sure that the targets for each class member are suitable so that they can achieve to their highest potential.

Friday lessons usually start with a weekly times table test. This helps Miss V and her staff to monitor improvements, and to understand where extra help might be needed.

Different table activities then take place. One group worked on an activity involving a sheet with a series of penguins printed on it. The task was to count in multiples of 3, and fill in the missing gaps on the sheet.

Other tasks required the students to complete a number sequence on a work sheet. An example might be 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 and then ? The maths lessons come to a close with the class singing a lively song to help us with our learning.

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