Year 10 Wii Dance and PE Circuit Training Fitness Videos

Our dance moves and fitness levels are continuing to improve in Year 10 at Lansdowne School as part of the regular PE sessions. Mr Lee and his team start off each lesson with a Wii dance warm up song.

This helps the students to focus on improving their sense of rhythm and co-ordination. The pupils are asked to put as much energy into their moves as possible.

The main PE learning for the Year 10 students during the spring term has been to focus on improving our circuit training skills. Seven stations have been set up in the school gym. Each of these focus on improving a particular muscle or body part.

Each class member has been counting how many times they can complete each activity on a work station in the time period of a minute. We are now coming towards the end of this exercise. The pupils have been thinking about how they can complete a few extra challenges in the one minute time period.

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