Year 11 Maths Grid Multiplication Method

Maths learning in Year 11 at Lansdowne School has involved the students working with a grid system to help answer a number of multiplication questions. These sums have involved two digit numbers being multiplied by a single number.

An important part of this learning is to understand how to set out the sums correctly in our maths book. The students have been focussing on keeping the columns in the correct order to help us to understand the value of each number.

A second maths exercise involved the Year 11 students understanding the maths problem in context. A word sentence was presented to each pupil. Before the grid multiplication system could be used, we needed to first understand what sum was being asked.

Future maths lessons for the Year 11 pupils will look at liquids and capacity. We will be seeing how we can measure units of liquid, as well as combining different liquids to help us with this learning.

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