Year 10 Drama Work to Explore the Life of Mary Kingsley

Year 10 have been working on some thoughtful drama pieces. Our sessions usually start up with a warm up activity. The Headband Game is always a classroom favourite.

Our focus in recent weeks for English and Drama has been to research the Victorian explorer Mary Kingsley. We have seen how she was such an important historical figure as she was one of the first female explorers.

The students have been researching Mary’s life story. This then led to a piece of written work. Year 10 were asked to think of five questions that they would like to ask Mary Kingsley about her life.

This work was then the starting point for some drama exploration. Pairs of pupils worked together on a Q and A piece. One class member interviewed the character of Mary Kingsley. This was played by their partner.

We asked each student what they had learnt about the life of Mary Kingsley once the session had finished.

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