Year 10 PE Preparation for Trampoline Work

All Year 10 students are preparing for their introduction to the school trampolines. Mr Lee and his team have been stressing the idea of safety. Soft mats and adult support are key for this learning.

Some practise jumps were tried out on the large gym mats. Mr Lee demonstrated how we need to swing our arms forward when jumping. A trampoline stop needs you to bend your knees and put your arms out.

The next step was to practise some of the moves that will be attempted on the trampolines. Year 10 were shown how to create a tuck jump, a star jump and a straddle. The pupils tried these moves out on the mats.

Two work stations were then set up in the gym. Both of these helped the students to feel confident when jumping. Tuck jumps and star jumps were built into the routines.

The session ended with each class member explaining what they have learnt, and what they have achieved. The next step will be to try out the school trampoline for the first time.

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