Year 8 Science Sound Waves

Science lessons in Year 8 at Lansdowne School have involved the pupils learning about sound waves. We have seen how these are made, and then how sound is perceived using our own hearing system.

A large part of this learning is to understand the workings of the human ear. The class members have see how this is made up of the outer, the middle and the inner hour.

Year 8 were fascinated to learn about the tiny bones in our ear that move after sound waves cause them to vibrate. This work has also looked at how the ear helps us to balance.

Different table activities have been completed by the pupils. Some students have labelled a diagram of the human ear. Another group has played a game of animal snakes and ladders. The correct animal sound needs to be made when we land on a particular animal.

The next part of this science work will take on a practical element. The pupils will be connecting two plastic cups with a piece of string. We will be investigating if the string needs to be tight or loose for the sound to vibrate from one cup to another.

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