Year 9 Science Exploration of the Respiratory System

Science learning in Year 9 has involved the students exploring the respiratory system. This is a topic that leads directly on from our earlier work about the digestive system.

Our respiratory learning started with Mr H introducing the different body parts that help us to breathe. These include the heart, the lungs and the windpipe. The pupils then saw how these are all connected to form the respiratory system.

A short video was then watched to recap on this information. Mr H and his science team were impressed with some of the questions that the students then asked.

Different table activities have been completed as part of this learning. Each Year 9 pupil has labelled a diagram of the respiratory system. Teaching staff have been asking questions about the reasoning for choosing the labels.

A 3D model of the respiratory system has also been made by each class member. These were carefully cut out of paper, and then constructed in the correct sequence. The models are the perfect way to show how the individual parts in the system are connected.

We are all looking forward to our future class trip to the Science Museum. The main purpose will be to attend a mathsletics workshop. There will also be the opportunity to look around the other science exhibits as well.

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