Year 11 Visits to Roots and Shoots College in Kennington

Year 11 are continuing with their visits to Roots and Shoots College in Kennington. This is an opportunity for the students to carry out some practical gardening work at the College, as well as to learn some theory and community skills.

A recent visit saw plenty of seed sewing. Mustard seeds and beetroot have been planted ahead of a bumper summer crop.

Our classroom session then involved some role play. A shopping situation was set up. Pupils took on the roles of a manager, a store assistant and a customer. Each pupil was able to act out a scene involving these roles.

Finally the practical learning was to build a colourful bird feeder. We spoke about why it is important to help out birds in our inner city environment. The feeders were taken back to Lansdowne School where we will be able to set them up.

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