Class 11RM Sickle Cell Anaemia Assembly

Class 11RM staged a thoughtful assembly addressing issues involved with sickle cell anaemia. This was an idea that came from class member Kamar. He researched the topic and helped other class members prepare for their presentation.

The assembly started off by explaining what sickle cell is. Each class member had a speaking part. We were able to tell our friends about how sickle cell might impact upon the life of the patient, and their family.

Some drama then took place. A couple of students set up an interview situation. One of the class members took on the role of a mother whose son is suffering from sickle cell. She explained in great detail what this means for the family.

This was a fantastic piece of drama. The script was prepared by the students. It helped them to think about what it must be like to live with sickle cell. Miss McNie praised the two actors at the end for their superb acting skills.

Our assembly concluded with the message that it is not easy to look after someone with sickle cell. We should all try and give any support that we can.

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