School Council Updates

The Lansdowne School Council has been finalising plans for the rest of the spring term. The Cllr’s have decided to hold fundraising events for the British Heart Foundation.

This is an organisation that we have strong local connections with. A couple of students completed a work experience week at the local Brixton branch.

Our fundraising week will involve students baking some healthy snacks. These will be on sale for parents and carers to buy. We will also be selling some unique artwork themed around the subject matter of the heart.

Head of School Mr Jukes then invited each Cllr to raise any issues that they had come prepared with. A discussion took place about possible school trips for the summer term.

A request was made for some more equipment in the new school playground. Mr Jukes confirmed that two table tennis tables and a table football game will soon be delivered.

Feedback was asked on the new books in the school library. These cover many different topics for the higher level reading abilities.

Mr Jukes asked the Cllr’s to speak with their friends about Easter ideas as we approach the end of term.

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