Year 10 Drama Learning

Drama lessons in Year 10 have been helping the students to improve speech and confidence. We often start each session with an informal group conversation. The class members are asked to describe in detail anything that has made them happy over the past week.

The headband game was then played. This is a favourite at Lansdowne School. The aim is to guess what the card is on our forehead by asking a series of questions. This is a great exercise in developing logic and questioning skills.

Finally a fun game of Brook or Bank was played. This requires each competitor to listen to the instructions, and jump either on to the brook or the bank.

Elsewhere in Year 10 and our English lessons are very much focussed on future exams. The GCSE students are proofreading some of their final submissions. Students sitting the Step Up English exam have been producing some creative writing.

Once the exams are over in May then will look at further language improvement. Plus plenty of English and drama themed summer trips!

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