Year 10 PE Trampolining Video

Year 10 have made tremendous progress with their trampolining skills during PE lessons. The pupils were only introduced to this new equipment after the half term break. Many moves have been achieved by most of the class members.

Mr Lee asked the pupils to achieve full twists, seat drops, tucks, straddles, pike, half turns, full turns and a seat landing. This exercise also involves careful listening. A staff member instructs the pupils which move to complete.

Mr Lee then asked the students to put together their own freestyle move. The challenge was to come up with a 20 second routine that contained as many moves as possible.

Preparation took place on some of the soft mats. The students used a small springboard to help with their sense of balance and landing skills.

A self-assessment exercise completed this session. Year 10 were asked to identify which trampolining moves they managed to achieve, partially achieve or needed some support with. This helps to plan where future adult support can be given.

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