Year 8 Art Blending Techniques

Year 8 are working towards creating an image of a Mexican Day of the Dead skulls during our current art lessons. We have seen how these contain many detailed drawings with plenty of colour.

One of the themes that can be found on the masks is images of insects. We have been looking in detail at some of the features that are found on insects. The pupils have been exploring the bright body colours that are sometimes mirrored.

Some new vocabulary was introduced as part of this learning. Year 8 were asked to consider what is meant by the term blending. We defined this as a technique where one colour merges into another. The pupils were shown how this can be achieved by changing the pressure when colouring with a pencil.

Each class member has practised their colour blending skills with sketches of insects. We will then repeat this exercise on our final designs for the Day of the Dead skulls.

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