Lansdowne School Council Updates

The weekly Lansdowne School Council meetings continue to come up with many new ideas. Council representatives from each class are asked to speak with their friends, and then come to Council with some suggestions.

A recent meeting heard how the lunchtime WII dance club is a huge success. The pupils have offered feedback asking for the sessions to continue.

One idea from a Year 11 student was to organise a sports tournament. This was an initiative that the pupil is happy to manage and organise. Mr Jukes asked which sports might be involved. Football and hockey were thought to be good starting points.

This also led to a discussion about the football court. One of the Cllr’s thought that a net could might be a good idea to stop the ball from leaving the court.

Mr Jukes confirmed that some new equipment will be installed just before the Easter break. The pupils will be able to play outdoor snakes and ladders and hopscotch. These will be set up soon.

Another Cllr asked about putting up some small fencing around the growing patches in our playground. Spring is starting to deliver the first shoots of the new plants. The Council agreed that pupils will hopefully respect the plants once they start to grow.

A final suggestion was for some fruit options in the school tuck shop. This is being looked at by the management team.

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