Sixth Form Health and Fitness Restaurant Project

The Lansdowne Sixth Form students have started a new health and fitness topic looking at restaurants. This was introduced by watching a short film about three Australian chefs who set up a new restaurant. Their aim was to serve healthy, local food.

This learning is structured to help the students think about the business side of healthy eating, and how the two topics can be combined. We discussed the benefits of local produce. The students learnt that local food is fresher, and it helps the local economy.

The Year 12 students then completed a comprehension exercise based around the Australian business. Full sentence answers were required.

This work is moving towards the Sixth Form students designing their own menus for a fictional restaurant that they will be creating. The pupils will be asked to define the aims of the restaurant and define who their customers will be.

Elsewhere in Year 12 and the students have been demonstrating their volleyball and table tennis skills. We are happy to share a photo gallery below.

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