Year 10 Prepare Tasty Oreo Cheesecake

Food Tech lessons in Year 10 have seen the students prepare an incredibly tasty Oreo cheesecake. Our preparation was broken down into three separate stages: preparing the base, mixing the cheesecake and then decorating.

Maths skills were used during this practical session. The recipe sheet showed the amounts of ingredients per person. Year 10 worked in groups of two or three. This meant multiplying the amounts by two or three.

Science learning also took place. Class teacher Mr Evans asked constant questions about the changing state of some of the ingredients.

It was agreed that although the Oreo cheesecakes were delicious, they were also incredibly sweet. Future food tech work in Year 10 will require the pupils to design and bake an alternative cheesecake. The aim is to think of a healthy option.

This learning is preparation ahead of the Year 11 GCSE food tech next year. The students will need to think about presentation, as well what types of food are eaten during different meals.

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