Year 11 Final Preparation Ahead of GCSE Art Exams

Year 11 are putting in the final preparations ahead of their various art exams. Some of the students are sitting the GCSE Entry Level exams. Other pupils will be completing either a GCSE short or full course.

The subject for the Entry Level students this year is still life. The Lansdowne students will be using various vegetables for their subject matter. Our final art sessions have been spent practicing the techniques we will use.

A related artist study is involved. The students need to recognise the style of a particular artist. Inspiration from this is then used in their own artwork.

The GCSE Short and Full course students have a little more time ahead of their exams in May. The pupils have chosen the themes which they will be working on.

Our work involves gathering as many ideas as possible into our art portfolios. These will be then taken into the exam situation to provide some inspiration.

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