Year 7 Length and Height Maths Measurements

Year 7 have been working on measuring length and height during maths lessons. The focus has been to understand the standard measurements. The pupils have been deciding when it is best to use cm or metres.

This was a very practical session. All pupils headed outdoors to the new school playground to complete various tasks. The first challenge was to measure the length and the width of the football pitch.

A trundle wheel was first used for this task. The final measurement was then tested again by using a very long tape measure. The pupils were able to identify that it made sense to state this measurement in metres.

The height of various playground features were measured next. These included the table tennis table, table football and the playground shed. Finally we measured our own height.

All of this data was logged in our maths books. The pupils were asked to use some of our new vocabulary words such as length and width.

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