Lansdowne School Choir Rehearsals

Our weekly School Choir practice is continuing at Lansdowne School. Mr Gratton and his music team start these sessions with some gentle vocal warm ups. The Choir members listen to a scale being played on the guitar. This is then repeated with the students singing unaccompanied.

The Choir is working on improving the songs that we are able to sign and sing during assemblies each Friday. Eye of the Tiger is the latest work in progress.

Mr Gratton then gave the pupils a free choice of songs. We weren’t short on suggestions! Waving Flag, Tomorrow, Jump, I Feel Good, Wild Thing, The Lion Sleeps Tonight and Walking on Sunshine were all sung.

Staff member Makita is able to lead from the front with her expert makaton signing skills. This is a responsibility that some of the elder students are also now starting to share. You can listen to a selection of the performances in the recordings below.

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