Year 11 GCSE Humanities Exam Final Preparations

The Entry Level students have been revising their Roman knowledge. We imagined that we were Roman soldiers arriving in Britain. Different locations had to be found. The pupils used an atlas to locate the major Roman towns.

The names of these town were printed on large pieces of paper around the classroom. The next challenge was to locate each town, and then turn the paper over to see what the Roman name was.

The GCSE students have been completing card games to help with their preparation. We have been looking at four main themes as part of our learning:

Religion and conflict,

religion and medicine,

religion and faith and

religion and authority.

Vocabulary is key here. The pupils have matched some of the themes we have looked at with a definition. The concepts include ideas such as just war, reconciliation and inter faith dialogue. Each student was asked to explain their reasons for matching the words with the descriptions.

This knowledge will feature in our GCSE exams. The students have shown that they have the knowledge. We need to now replicate this under examination conditions!

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