Sixth Form Students Prepare Work Based PowerPoint Presentations

The Lansdowne Sixth Form students have been working on PowerPoint during ICT lessons. One task was to create a quiz using PowerPoint slides.

Each student was asked to decide on a subject matter that they are experts on. Topics included iPhones, super heroes and even Lansdowne School!

A series of questions were then set. Two choices were given for an answer. PowerPoint was used to offer hyperlinks to either a correct or false slide.

Another group of Lansdowne students have been working hard as part of their City and Guilds Work Ready Badge. This is recognition of work skills that the students are picking up as part of their studies.

The ICT challenge requires the students to design their own hotel environment using PowerPoint. The facilities, design and costing are all part of this process. Each student designed a brochure to try and sell their ideas to customers.

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