Year 11 Food Tech Presentation Skills

Year 11 recently completed a complex piece of food tech work by cooking a noodle pad Thai. Food tech teacher Mr Evans explained that complicated instructions had to be followed. Some tricky steps had to be completed in the correct order.

The aim was for the students to use equipment with accuracy and to present a high quality meal. Year 11 have been using their food tech time to think about how presentation can be as important as taste.

Each class member worked independently through a recipe sheet. Important decisions had to be mad. Year 11 had to consider what was the best temperature to scramble the eggs. Mr Evans was impressed in the way that the students were able to adapt and change their method if needed.

We are hopeful of arranging a trip to a West End restaurant for the Year 11 students later in the term. This will include some time spent with a professional high quality chef. Year 11 will be able to see first hand what is involved in a catering career.

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