Lansdowne School Council Updates

A recent School Council meeting included a discussion about how we can help the Grenfell Tower community. One suggestion was to hold a bake sale to help raise some funds.

Each school Cllr then put forward their weekly updates for the Council to consider. One Year 11 pupil asked to have some bird feeders installed in our new playground. Head of School Mr Jukes commented that this is a great idea. Another Cllr commented that the new water fountains in the playground are being used.

A couple of the Cllr’s provided feedback on the outdoor table football facilities. A few minor repairs need to be carried out. Another Cllr praised the new gazebo that is now in place, but would like to see more. Mr Jukes confirmed that we already have some more on order.

A final contribution from a Year 8 Cllr was that her friends are looking forward to their learning in Year 9 in September.

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