Year 9 PSHE Community Learning

Year 9 have completed some thoughtful community work as part of our PSHE learning. The learning objective was to understand the idea of community. We started out work by identifying the borough of Lambeth on a map.

This then led to some online learning. The pupils were asked to locate Lansdowne School on Google Maps. Each class member then explored the local area online. Class teacher Miss G asked the pupils to find places of interest nearby. We were able to locate Stockwell Skate Park, Stockwell Green Mosque and the birthplace of David Bowie.

Year 9 were asked to consider if Google Maps displayed everything in our local community. The pupils used their knowledge to suggest some areas of interest that were missing.

The next stage of this learning looked at what makes a community special. The students were asked to think about what they would like to change in their community. We heard suggestions such as removing litter, reducing cars and planting more trees.

Year 9 were then asked to describe how they might be able to make this change happen in our community. We also thought about who else might be able to help.

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