Students Compose Music using Soundation Software

Students from Year 7 to Year 10 were rewarded in an end of term assembly for their outstanding music work. Mr Gratton has been helping the pupils during the summer term to compose their own piece of music.

We used Soundation to produce our work. This is a piece of software that allows over 1,000 samples to be used to create a unique sequence. Some of the pupils also added in their own note by note structures to their work.

This was a very practical piece of learning. It also combined our music learning with ICT skills.

Different learning objectives were in place throughout the year groups. Some pupils were asked to recognise how sound can change. Another group was asked to select samples that work well together.

Some of the higher level students were set the aim of evaluating their work. A final group was asked to asses their work and think about how it can be improved.

Our music work was rewarded with a special end of term assembly. Mr Gratton highlighted some of the outstanding work. Rewards were given to the students for their achievements.

The pupils have been asked to continue with their soundation work at home. We are happy to share some of the compositions in the playlist below.

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