Year 12 Start Life Skills Unit by Preparing Local Shop Trip

The Year 12 students have started work on their comprehensive life skills unit of learning. This course has been designed to help make the transition from students to members in our community as smooth as possible.

Our first focus for these sessions is the use of technology at school and in the community. We held a class discussion to think about the technology that we use everyday.

The practical learning for this topic will lead to the students using the school washing machines, tumble dryers and photocopiers. Independent learning will be encouraged.

A starting point for this work was to research some of the other items that we might want to buy. The students suggested a microwave, a kettle and a toaster. All of these can then be used at school to help develop our life skills.

Our early shopping research looked at board games. Each student was given an Argos catalogue. They were asked to choose a selection of board games that they would like to play with. We had to find the price and the Argos code.

The students will also be taking part in regular walking trips in our community. We are planning a major fund raising event, plus some active adventure games.

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