Year 8 Create Pinch Pots as Part of Ceramics Topic

Year 8 have started work on a ceramics topic as part of our regular art lessons. We started this learning by thinking about what resources we use to make ceramics. A class discussion then followed about clay. The pupils thought about where we can find clay and why it is useful.

A short video was watched of pinch pots being sculptured. The Year 8 pupils were then asked to follow the instructions as we started work on creating our own pinch pots.

All pupils were encouraged to work independently. They set up their own work stations and took responsibility for keeping the area clean.

Experimentation was also used. Some of the pupils found that their pinch pots started to form small cracks. We used water to help heal these.

The final task was to personalise the pinch pots. Individual designs were added using different tools. You can see of this work taking place in the short video above.

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