Year 12 Study Road Safety as Part of PSE Learning

Year 12 have been looking at ways in which we can keep safe as part of our PSE learning. We have looked in detail at safety in the home. The students are now researching road safety.

We have held a class discussion about some of the dangers that we need to be aware of on the roads. The students have been looking at where are the safest places to cross roads. We have been learning new vocabulary such as zebra crossings.

The students have been asked to consider some of the distractions that might make roads less safe for us. We have looked at the dangers of wearing headphones or looking at phones whilst crossing the road.

A road safety quiz took place. Many scenarios were shown on the whiteboard. Each class member had to display a green tick for safe, or a red cross for danger for each situation.

Worksheets have also been completed. Year 12 were presented with a road map. They had to navigate the safest way to cross the road. Another task involved highlighting hazards that they could see in a roadside situation.

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