Year 12 Work with Ceramics for GCSE 3D Art Coursework

Year 12 have started work on the GCSE coursework in 3D Art. This is a new curriculum subject that offers practical learning for the pupils.

We started off our learning by considering the major health and safety considerations. Lansdowne School has recently had a powerful kiln installed in our art studio. The pupils will soon be using this. We talked about how we can use this equipment safely.

Our early ceramics work has involved a study of the Mimbres tribe. This is a civilisation that was creating some unique pottery around 1,000 AD.

Year 12 have been using some of the techniques pioneered by the Mimbres to create our own coil pots. As the name suggests, a a series of layers are used to build up the side of a pot.

The starting point was the slabbing base. Once we had coiled the clay to build up the design then slipping was used to create a smooth design. This involves mixing water and clay to help seal the structure. The next step is for the pots to enter the school kiln.

The GCSE syllabus will later look at sculptures. The pupils will be exploring the power of 3D design as we create different forms of artwork.

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