Year 8 Djembe Drums and Rhythm

Year 8 have been enjoying their weekly music sessions exploring the djembe drums. This is part of our theme of understanding rhythm.

A recent session started with some shared clapping using the online metronome. This sounds out a steady beat as the pupils respond to a card showing a set number of beats. We used the names of class members to sound out the beats displayed on each card.

A class discussion then took place about the djembe drum. We were first introduced to this instrument last year. Year 8 were able to recall that djembe drums are used in Africa, the Caribbean and South America.

Some class circle drumming time then took place. Class names were once again played out on the drums.

Some new knowledge and drumming patterns were then learnt by watching a short video. The pupils followed the instructions and played out a complex rhythm together.

The lesson ended with each Year 8 pupil being asked to form their own rhythm. Mr Gratton helped the pupils by asking them to think of a name or phrase to sound out. Our friends followed the actions on their djembe drum.

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