Year 10 Explore Circulatory System During Science

Blood and circulation is the current science theme for the Year 10 students. Science teacher Miss McNie has been helping the pupils to identify the organs in the circulatory system. We have also been describing in great detail how the heart functions.

Some practical learning took place with the dissection of a lamb’s heart. The pupils were amazed at how tough some of the organs were.

We have compared this knowledge with the structure of a human heart. A large diagram has been used to help the students each play a role in the circulation system.

Each class member was given a specific role . We had red blood cells, a pair of lungs, a brain and oxygen.

The pupils took it in turn for blue blood cells to enter into the large heart diagram. Each class member was asked to explain how they could move through the heart to gain some oxygen that could be given to the brain. The blood cells would then turn red. This was a great way of improving the vocabulary of the students.

Some table work completed the exercise. The students labelled a diagram of the human heart to show our knowledge.

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