Year 13 Students Prepare for Maths Exams

The Year 13 students are working towards many different maths objectives. Some of the students will be sitting their GCSE maths exams during the summer term. Other pupils are preparing for the Functional Level Skills 2.

Mr Hilton and his team are also helping students prepare for their Entry Level maths exam, and the Functional Skills Entry level.

This leads to a wide range of maths challenges being set for each lesson. Understanding number bonds up to 20 is the learning objective for some pupils. Another activity has involved a focus on doubling and halving two digit numbers.

Place value, decimal places and working with square and cube numbers have been the challenge for some of the GCSE pupils.

The students are encouraged to select the appropriate resources to help with their learning. The dienes counting blocks have been very helpful with doubling and halving.

Each lesson ends with the students self-assessing their learning. This helps the maths team to consider where extra resources might be needed.

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