Year 10 Baseball Skills PE Video

Year 10 have had an introduction to baseball during our recent PE lessons. PE teacher Mr Lee has been coaching the pupils on three specific skills: pitching, mitt catching and striking accuracy.

The pitching activity involved a baseball being thrown from a distance of 4m into a bucket. Pairs of pupils threw a baseball back and forth using a baseball glove to help with their catching skills. Striking accuracy was measured by hitting a ball pitched by a staff member.

We transferred these skills to an indoor game using a soft ball. Year 10 were encouraged to think about their tactics. We soon found that it was important not to stack up too many batters on all the bases. The fielders were asked to think about which base to throw the ball to to get a batter out.

These skills will develop after the half term break. We are working towards playing a full on game of baseball with a hard ball outdoors.

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