Updates from Lansdowne School Council

Lansdowne School Council continues to meet each week. This is an elected body of students. It has members from every class representing their friends.

Head of School Mr Jukes introduced a recent meeting by reminding Cllr’s to pass on the information about our school opening ceremony on 15 November.

Each Cllr contributed some possible ideas to help our school continue to develop. One of the Cllr’s was keen to look ahead to Sports Day with the suggestion of some new events.

A football tournament was also suggested, as well as a Wii Dance competition. Mr Jukes reminded the Council about the after school sports clubs that we all provide. Basketball and Dodgeball are both very popular.

School Council also discussed continued improvements to our new playground. A separate suggestion was for a Board Game Club to be introduced during the lunch break.

One of the Cllr’s spoke about how they recently enjoyed preparing for Halloween. A suggestion was made to grow pumpkins for next year. Mr Jukes will pass this comment on to our school Gardening Club.

Finally Mr Jukes reminded School Council about our partnership with the Brixton Soup Kitchen. We are proud that £80 was raised during the recent Wear Your Own Clothes Day. Head Girl Shaniqua and Head Boy Oscar are going to visit the Soup Kitchen to hand over the money and find out more about the amazing work.

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