Year 12 Life Skills Lesson on Money Handling Skills

Some of the Year 12 students have been continuing with their life skills lessons learning about being responsible with money. The aim here is to make the connection between how we can earn money, and then develop money handling skills.

A recent lesson started with a class discussion about how some of us are able to earn pocket money. We heard about different jobs being carried out around the home. These included mowing the lawn, helping in the family cafe and tidying up the home.

An identification and sorting exercise then took place. Each class member was given a plastic cup containing replica notes and coins. The first task was to identify the value of each currency, and then sort them into matching piles.

Me Lee then introduced the idea of more or less. The students were asked to compare different coins and describe their value. We compared combinations of coins to see how low value coins compare with higher value currency.

This session came to a close with a practical exercise. A class shop was set up offering a selection of snacks and drinks. All the items were priced. Some cash tills were also introduced.

The students were asked to make a selection. They had to use their replica coins to make sure that they were paying with the correct amount. These skills will continue to develop. We are working towards transferring this learning to our local community as we visit some nearby shops.

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