Year 9 Art Topic Looks at Blowing Up Image Sizes

Our Year 9 artwork has been looking at the theme of blowing up images to a large size. We have also been looking at how we can use different art materials and types of drawing to create an effect.

The students started off this learning by looking at the work of Claus Oldenberg. We saw how he uses cake and confectionaries in his work. Each item is blown up to a large scale.

This inspired the students to create some of their own still life drawings. Encouragement was given by Miss Tewson to experiment with the materials and style of drawing.

Water colours were used for painting. The pupils also experimented with HB pencils, 4B pencils, coloured crayons, charcoal and fine lines.

This work will lead to Year 9 creating their own paper mache sculptures of their favourite cakes. The pupils are encouraged to bring in from home any cakes which they might find some inspiration from!

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