Year 10 PE Hockey Skills Video

Year 10 have been working on improving their hockey skills during recent PE lessons. Mr Lee explained to the students the importance of safety. We also had a reminder of the rules of the game.

Three different work stations were set up in the school gym. The dribbling exercise required each class member to complete a figure of eight whilst keeping close control of the ball.

Passing whilst moving is another key hockey skill. The pupils paired up with a partner. They ran three metres apart from another, passing the ball as they went along.

The final hockey skill involved shooting and pitching the ball over a 30 cm metre bench. We have seen how this can be useful if we are trying to trick the net minder.

A full on game of hockey then took place . Mr Lee was looking for evidence of these three core skills being used. All players rotated roles. A self-assessment completed the session.

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