Y11 Entry Level & GCSE Humanities Exam Preparations

The Year 11 students have been working on a couple of different humanities projects. The GCSE students have started to research attitudes towards war from the major world religions.

We have been understanding how religions justify war and looking at peaceful solutions. Past exam papers have been studied. The students have been completing comprehension answers under exam conditions.

This is a very difficult subject to approach. The pupils have been carrying out their learning with great maturity.

A second group of Year 11 students are preparing for their Entry Level humanities exam. The current unit has involved a study of history and the media. One of the aims is to understand how the media has changed over time.

We have used the example of the Olympics to help to learn about this topic. Different news sources have been looked at including TV, newspapers and online.

The pupils then looked at how we can use a questionnaire to find out how people use the media to learn about a historical event.

Different questionnaire designs have been considered. The students have looked at multiple options, open questions and a number scale response.

The next step is for the pupils to design a questionnaire on the London 2012 Olympics. We will be asking our friends and staff members to complete the questionnaire.

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