Lansdowne School Achievement Assembly

The Lansdowne School Choir showcased a new song that they have been rehearsing during a recent singing and signing assembly. Mr Gratton and his team have been helping the Choir members perform Charlie Puth’s One Call Away.

The lyrics require some new signs for the students to learn. Staff member Mikita has been helping out with her expert signing skills. The Choir performance during the assembly was very enthusiastic!

We also performed our first Christmas song of the year. The students were able to remember the words and signs for Santa Clause is Coming to Town. It is great to see the Lansdowne School Choir continue to grow.

Head of School Mr Jukes presented the star achievers of the week across each curriculum area. Acts of Kindness awards were handed out for being helpful to friends. Class 12NM was presented with the Star Class of the Week trophy with an incredible 100% of their ticks.

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