Y11 Prepare for Work Experience with Mock Interviews

All Year 11 students recently completed the first stage of their work experience preparation. We are proud at Lansdowne School of the relationships that we have local businesses. All pupils are given the opportunity to prepare for the world of work.

We welcomed into our school Kate from Spark!. This is an organisation that helps young people to make the transition from education to employment. We were also able to invite three industry professionals to help with the session.

The main aim of the workshop was to prepare the students with their interview techniques. A classroom session started this learning. We considered what is an interview, why we need them and how we can prepare for them.

Some role play started the session. Students were given instructions to display different types of body language. Feedback was given on how suitable these might be during a job interview.

The Year 11 students were then asked to make a list of their unique skills. Kate asked each pupil to then give an example of when each skill has been used.

It was then time for the one-on-one interviews to take place. The school cafe area housed three mock interview stations. The candidates were placed in a waiting room ahead of their opportunity to impress.

It was fantastic to see some of the skills that had been taught being used during the interviews. Confident body language, selling your skills and explaining why you want the job were all on show. Feedback was given by the industry professionals.

The next stage will for each Year 11 student to have a practical work experience placement set up in the new year. We would like to thank Kate from Spark! and our other visitors for very kindly giving their time to help our pupils.

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