Year 13 Drama and Teamwork

The Year 13 students have been combining both thought and physical actions during our recent drama sessions. We usually start with a class discussion.

Miss Moorhouse asked the question: which figure from the past would you like to meet? We heard some fascinating answers including politicians, musicians and family members from different generations. Each student was asked to explain the reasons behind their choice.

Some fun practical game then followed. A current class favourite is the strategic game of 21. We count round in a circle in units of either one, two or three. The class member that reaches 21 is then counted out.

Teamwork was then used to help create the shape of letters using our bodies. Two teams were instructed by a captain to make the designs as quickly as possible. The drama lesson came to a close with a game of Brook or Bank. This requires responding quickly to instructions and deciding which way to jump.

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