Year 12 Study A Christmas Carol

The Year 12 students have been working on a very thoughtful and festive piece of English work. Our main topic for this term has been Victorian literature. This can be a challenging topic as some of the language is not familiar to the pupils.

Our timely piece of literature has been Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. The students have been asked to read this as part of their homework.

We then came together as a class to discuss some of the themes in the story. It soon became clear that money and greed was key to the plot.

The Year 12 pupils have now completed a piece of work looking deeper into this. Our first question to answer was: do you think money can buy you happiness? The aim was to relate our own lives with those of the Victorian characters.

We then started to think about how the different characters think about money. The students focussed on Scrooge, the ghosts, Scrooge’s nephew and his past girlfriend.

The text was used to find quotes to back up our arguments. Year 12 concluded their work by considering if their own views on money and happiness had changed after thinking about the story.

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