First Achievement Assembly of the New School Term

Head of School Mr Jukes welcomed all students back to Lansdowne for our first full assembly of the New Year. We took some time to consider the many achievements in 2017. Mr Jukes asked all pupils to make 2018 even better.

We reflected on the special assemblies staged in the past twelve months. These have covered St George’s Day, May Day, Friendships, Wimbledon tennis, Black History Month, Fair Trade Week, Bonfire Night and even Superman’s birthday.

Our school community has been active in raising money for Brixton Food Bank, Brixton Soup Kitchen and the local British Heart Foundation.

Mr Jukes asked the students to remember the many trips that were organised in 2017. Lansdowne pupils visited the Science Museum, theatres, Pop Brixton, the Panathlon Games, career fairs, the London Canal Museum, Kew Gardens, Lloyds Bank and our all school trip to Leeds Castle.

We staged two major events: the Work Experience Celebration in June, and the official opening of our amazing new school building in November.

Mr Jukes asked the assembly to remember the Lansdowne FRESH rules.

FRESH stands for:

Follow instructions

Right place, right time

Everyone deserves respect

Speak politely

Hands and feet to ourselves.

The School Choir performed a couple of songs. Certificates were handed out for the Stars of the Week and the Kindness Awards. Happy Birthday was sung to staff member Amber.

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