Year 10 PE Gymnastics Videos

Year 10 have been carrying out some complex gym routines as part of our regular PE learning. We always start our sessions with a WII Dance warm-up. The students are building up an impressive back catalogue of songs to showcase our dancing skills.

Our gymnastics work is building towards being able to put together a routine. The students are working on rolling and tumbling, jumping and handstands.

Three different types of rolls have been taught: a pencil roll, a teddy bear roll and a forward roll. Mr Lee and his team supported the students for what can be quite a technical exercise.

The jumping work station involved a small springboard being set up. The students were asked to add into their routine different types of jumps. Year 10 were able to perform tuck jumps, star jumps and half turns.

The handstand work station was very impressive. The students built up their confidence by walking into the handstand. Me Lee encouraged the class members to hold their pose and to use their body strength.

One thought on “Year 10 PE Gymnastics Videos

  • January 24, 2018 at 11:43 am

    Great to see
    How active they are during PE sessions.
    Thank you for the video and pictures .

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