Lansdowne School Council Updates

A recent meeting of the Lansdowne School Council spoke about how we can all keep safe around our school. Executive Head Teacher Mrs Adams asked all the Cllr’s how we can work together to keep our school a safe place.

Contributions were then taken from each Cllr. They represent their friends in their class and are encouraged to bring suggestions to School Council each week.

A popular suggestion was a Wear Your Own Clothes Day for the final day of teaching before the half term break. The students are keen to raise some more money for a local Brixton group.

Another suggestion was for a football tournament. Some of the pupils are keen to compete against other schools. It was agreed that we should hold some Lansdowne tournaments first as a practice ahead of other playing other schools.

A discussion then took place about the drinks that are available to the pupils. One of the Cllr’s was keen to introduce juice drinks instead of the water fountains. This led to a discussion about keeping our teeth healthy and avoiding sugar drinks.

The lunchtime play activities were then looked at. A request came for some more board games to be introduced. One Cllr asked about buying some tennis equipment for the summer months, and maybe a cross trainer for the outdoor gym. The costs are going to be investigated.

Mrs Adams mentioned that the school is looking at the budget to be able to install a net over the outdoor football pitch.

School Council came to a close by looking ahead to the cinema trip that some of the pupils will be enjoying during the final week ahead of half term. This is a reward for outstanding work and behaviour since the start of the year.

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