Year 12 Life Skills Learning Looks at the Environment

Our life skills learning in Year 12 has been looking at environmental action. The students have been finding out ways that we can work to help our local environment.

Much of this learning has taken place in our local community. Mr Lee and his team have taken the pupils out into Brixton to help back up some of the learning from the classroom.

Year 12 recently visited a nearby Tesco. We looked at the recycling facilities that are available for customers. We also walked around Brixton and saw some graffiti tags. Fly-tipping was also found. The students were asked to think about how this makes them feel about their environment.

This led to a trip to the nearby Brockwell Park. Year 12 took great pride in helping to clear up some of the litter that we found. We took the large litter pickers with us to help us with this task. This work has been documented in some powerful posters produced by the students.

The next stage of our environmental learning is to find out about renewable energies. The students were able to have a look at the roof of our amazing new school. This has solar panels to help generate energy for our school.

Each student has built a model house. We have added solar panels and a wind turbine to our designs.

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