Year 11 Preparation for English Exams

Recent English lessons in Year 11 have involved the students preparing for the exams that they will be taking in the summer term. Some of the students will be sitting GCSE English. Other pupils have been entered to take the Step up to English exam.

The GCSE students are preparing by writing an essay. This is a piece of work up to 800 words in length. The main theme is social media. The pupils have been asked to include points of view, statistics and a balanced argument.

The Step up to English students are focussing on three key skills: speaking and listening, reading and writing.

Our English learning is boosted with our weekly drama sessions. The current topic involves the pupils thinking about the use of persuasive language. We are working towards making a Dragon’s Den style pitch to our friends. The main product is an extra special summer drink.

English teacher Mr Martin has been helping the pupils to think about a suitable prop for the pitch. We decided that a poster showing why our drinks are unique would impress the investors.

The language on our posters needed to convince the Dragons that we are a business to work with. The pupils have also been asked to consider how they will start and end their pitches. Once the props are completed then we can start the drama work on selling our products.

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