Year 8 Start Learning the Ukulele

Year 8 have been having great fun exploring the new school ukuleles during our music lessons. We are already familiar with the guitars having studied these last term. Music teacher Mr Gratton has been helping the pupils to transfer their guitar skills to the ukulele.

We started off by thinking about the differences between the two instruments. Suggestions included size, colour, the number of strings, the pitch and the weight.

Each class member then completed a worksheet to name all the parts on the ukulele. We found that these were very similar to the larger guitars.

The pupils were now ready for their practical learning. Each class member was given a ukulele to explore. Mr Gratton helped the pupils to hold the instruments in a comfortable manner and to strum down the strings.

A series of cards were shown showing musical notes of different length. Year 8 were asked to play the various minims and crochets. The introductory session came to a close with the whole class strumming the C chord together.

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