Amazing Show from English Touring Opera at Lansdowne

We were thrilled to welcome the English Touring Opera company into our school to stage a performance for all students to enjoy. We have been learning about opera as a genre during our music lessons. This was a chance to experience live opera in our own school hall!

The performance was called This is my Bed. It was a contemporary production that was pitched perfectly for our students to be able to enjoy. Two musicians accompanied the three opera singers as they took the students on a magical journey.

The story involved a talking bed that had feelings. It was able to transform into different types of transport. We were taken on a bus journey, a boat trip and even a plane ride to the planet Pluto!

This was a highly interactive session for the students. Bus drivers, ship captains and a pilot for the plane were all needed. There was plenty of singing to join in with as well as the actions for each song.

The show also made use of many different sensory props. The Lansdowne pupils became involved in the plot with the resources that were handed around.

We would like to thank the English Touring Opera for offering this amazing production for our pupils to enjoy. The musicians received a great response from the audience.

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